“What parent has it easy? I just never make the difficulty of it an obstacle. I just do it.”

-Marlee Matlin


Decibels of Hope - a diary of parents raising deaf and hard of hearing kids


If there is one greatest lesson we have learned about being parents, it would be that there are things we have to accept in life, and then there are things we can make better.

When the news that our daughter is profoundly deaf on both ears came to us in Aug of 2009, it came as a shock! A lot of questions haunted us. Perhaps, one can never be prepared in accepting that one’s deaf child is never the same as a hearing child.

Decibels of Hope is an online diary that we have created because we know how vital support is for parents of kids with hearing impairment. Having a deaf child brought us into the world of deafness. Nobody asked if we were ready, but we had to be. It was a great relief to know that somewhere, somehow in another part of the world, there is another parent who could share a tip or two, who could nod in agreement to our stories or just plainly say…”I know right…been there, done that!”

Check out our little girl’s storyTell us yours too… We invite you to share your experiences and interact in this online community. We may have different methods of communication, education and parenting styles, but in this site, WE LISTEN and WE RESPECT THE DIFFERENCES.

Decibels of Hope is an avenue towards new friendships, a bridge of thoughts, a channel of ideas, a community of people united with common goals and a common hope. This is our way of whispering to the world, that for crying out loud, there is hope in every decibel of the way!

-Anna and Jec


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